Installing Ranger with Ambari Blueprints

With the new release of HDP 2.3 comes Ambari 2.1 that brings among other improvements the provisioning and management of Apache Ranger. Ranger together with new agents for a centralized authorization management brings a new KMS key storage for HDFS encryption. HDP components in Ambari can be installed and configured through blueprints that are described in a JSON notation.

Ranger Overview

Architectural overview of Apach Ranger:


Common configurations via blueprint:

Ranger KMS Blueprint

Settings for the Ramger Key Management Server:

Ranger UGSYNC Blueprint

User synchronization settings:

 Complete Blueprint incl. Spark


2 thoughts on “Installing Ranger with Ambari Blueprints”

    1. @David

      Wasn’t an issue for me if I specified ranger.jpa.jdbc.url and ranger.jpa.jdbc.url and ranger.jpa.audit.jdbc.url in ranger-admin-site:
      Ambari 2.2.1
      “ranger-admin-site” : {
      “properties_attributes” : { },
      “properties” : {
      “ranger.jpa.jdbc.url” : “jdbc:mysql://mn03.vagrant:3306/ranger”,
      “ranger.jpa.audit.jdbc.url” : “jdbc:mysql://mn03.vagrant:3306/rangeradmin”

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