Browsing HDP Public Repo with s3cmd

From time to time it can be very useful to be able to search for HDP repository release directly from the public repo. Especially if you want to search for a recent development or technical preview version. Also this can become handy if you need to create an offline repository for your company intranet.

The HDP repositories are available through Amazon’s S3 storage layer. A tool quite convenient to use it s3cmd.

After downloading it s3cmd can easily be installed based on python:

Browing HDP repo:

Using wildcards:

Wildcards can be used for filtering:

For help:

Further Readings

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  • For Windows: S3Express
  • S3: HDP Public Repo s3://
  • S3: HDP Dev Repp: s3://

One thought on “Browsing HDP Public Repo with s3cmd”

  1. Hello,
    After I installed s3cmd, it seems to be need Access and Secret Keys to connect to the s3 HDP repo link. How can I obtain these keys?

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