Installing Ranger with Ambari Blueprints

With the new release of HDP 2.3 comes Ambari 2.1 that brings among other improvements the provisioning and management of Apache Ranger. Ranger together with new agents for a centralized authorization management brings a new KMS key storage for HDFS encryption. HDP components in Ambari can be installed and configured through blueprints that are described in a JSON notation. Continue reading “Installing Ranger with Ambari Blueprints”


Services and State with Ambari REST API

The Ambari management tool for Hadoop offers among other handy tools a comprehensive REST API for cluster administration. Logically a cluster is divided into hosts, services and service components. While the UI might not always has support for all needed scenarios sure the REST API can be used to achieve it. For example moving a master component of a service from one host to another.

In this post we are going to look a little closer at the way the Ambari API can be used to manage Hadoop services. At the end of this post you will find a list of all the currently supported Hadoop services with all the needed master, slave and client components that can be manged and administrated within your HDP stack. Also this posts contains the possible states and state transitions a component might have which could become useful when facing problems like Host config is in invalid state. Continue reading “Services and State with Ambari REST API”