HDP Ansible Playbook Example

In my existing collection of automated install scripts for HDP I always try to extend it with further examples of different provisioners, providers, and settings. Recently I added with hdp22-n1-centos6-ansible an example Ansible environment for preparing a HDP 2.2 installation on one node.

Ansible differs from other provisioners like Puppet or Chef by a simplified approach in dependence on SSH. It behaves almost as a distributed shell putting little dependencies on existing hosts. Where for example Puppet makes strong assumptions about the current state of a system with one or multiple nodes, does Ansible more or less reflect a collection of tasks a system gone through to reach it’s current state. While some celebrate Ansible for it’s simplicity do others abandon it for it’s lack of strong integrity.

In this post I would like to share a sample Ansible Playbook to prepare a HDP 2.2 Amabri installation using Vagrant with Virtualbox. You can download and view the in this post discussed example here. Continue reading “HDP Ansible Playbook Example”