MarkLogic: NoSQL Search for Enterprise

MarkLogic is one of the leading Enterprise NoSQL vendors that offers through it’s server product a database centered mainly around search. It’s document centric design based on XML makes it attractive for content focused applications. MarkLogic Server combines a transactional document repository with search indexing and an application server.

The underlying data format for all stored documents, which can either be text or binary files, is XML. It’s considered schema-aware as a schema prior to insertion is not required but can be applied afterwards as needed. MarkLogic Server applies a full-text index to the documents stored within it’s repository. Indexes for search are also applied to the paths of the XML structure. This effectively makes documents search able right after insertion. This approach of advanced search around a document based design make it similar to a combination of MongoDB with ElasticSearch.

Developers can get started with MarkLogic Server 7 quite quickly by using Amazon Machine Image (AMI) supplied here. For this post we are going to use that image to build a small search application around the exported posts of this blog. In this post we are going to strive to build a search application solely around MarkLogic Server.

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