Sliding Apache Cassandra Onto YARN

With the most recent release of Hadoop (2.6) comes the support for long running applications on YARN. Apache Slider is a tool that supports you in creating, managing, and monitoring long running applications, without necessarily changing anything about the way your application works. In a previous blog post I tried to go through the different aspects of long running applications Slider tries to resolve. You might also consider watching this webinar about using Slider.

By starting to release my slider demo app, which uses Apache Cassandra, here, I would like to walk through some of the required packaging steps making it run on a YARN cluster in this blog post. For this example I use a three node test cluster, which you can easily setup with this script using Vagrant and VirtualBox. Continue reading “Sliding Apache Cassandra Onto YARN”


Try Now: HDP 2.2 on Windows Azure

HDInsight the Hadoop cloud offering from Windows Azure is a great way to use BigData as a service solutions, but there is more. With the general availability of HDP 2.2 announced this week it is great opportunity to extend the existing HDP Vagrant collection with the Windows Azure provider. In this blog post I want to demonstrate the needed steps to quickly setup a 6 node Hadoop cluster using the provided script. Except for preliminary setup steps it only takes a little adjustment of the Vagrantfile and two commands to setup the whole cluster.

Our 5 node cluster will consist of two master nodes, three data nodes, and one edge node with the Apache Knox gateway installed among other client libraries. Let’s jump in right now. Continue reading “Try Now: HDP 2.2 on Windows Azure”