Completely Uninstall and Remove HDP from Nodes

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where it becomes inevitable to clean up a node from a HDP install. Just like most installs are never really the same, cleaning a node from an install is not a straight path. As the documentation advises, to remove the installed packages using the systems package manager, is a good start. But some folders might remain and databases will be ignored. Continue reading “Completely Uninstall and Remove HDP from Nodes”


Scripting Scala – JSR-223

With the release of Scala 2.11 it became fully JSR-223 compliant scripting language for Java. JSR-223 is the community request to allow scripting language to have an interface to Java and to allow Java to use the scripting language inside of applications.

In Java 8 the Nashorn scripting engine was released as a native component of the JDK to support JavaScript with applications. This is possible through another JSR in Java 7 – namely JSR-229, which brings support for invoke dynamics, a way to support dynamic programming by the Java byte code compiler. Nashorn can be seen as a proof of concept of this newly added functionality. Continue reading “Scripting Scala – JSR-223”

Fitbit Visualization with Apache Zeppelin

In a recent post I demonstrated how easy it is to connect to a REST API like the one of Fitbit with Scala to collect JSON data. Taking up the results of that post here, I would like to demonstrate how Apache Zeppelin can be used to also fetch but in the end visualize the data. Based on the once collected data Zeppelin allows to easily visualize the output through different graphs.

Apache Zeppelin itself is a notebook like, web-based data analytic tool with a specific focus on exploratory data analysis in modern BigData architectures supporting multiple interpreters like Tajo, Spark, Hive, HBase and more. Saying this, it is important to point out, that in this here described case only Scala is being used to display the received data. But this use case could easily be extended to include Apache Hive or Spark. Continue reading “Fitbit Visualization with Apache Zeppelin”