Iron Blogger: In for a Perfect Game

Since this years re:publica 2014 conference I joined the Iron Blogger community here in Munich. Like many good decisions this was a spontaneous move motivated by a talk of a former co-worker given at the re:publica 2014 conference. His topic was about winning back the Internet by decentralizing the content – a core concept of the Internet – from centralized providers. By relying on third party products like facebook, tumblr, Twitter, and G+ we loose the autonomy of the content we publish.

While this is a genuine intend it was not the driving force behind my motivation to become an Iron Blogger. All it took to get me involved was a side note of him mentioning that he started to write more recently as he had joined the Iron Blogger movement. This caught my attention and I was curious to find out more as I long ago wanted to publish more post myself. It took me not more than a couple of minutes to decide that I wanted to try this. Here I would like to share my experience so far and the new set goal – In for a Perfect Game. Continue reading “Iron Blogger: In for a Perfect Game”