Collection of HDP Vagrant Scripts

After writing about provisioning Hadoop cluster with Vagrant I started a collection of cluster setups using the HDP distribution. The examples use different versions, operating systems, Vagrant providers, and node sizes. With Ambari blueprints different scenarios can be provided with a simple command. With this post I would like to share this scripts using Github here. In addition with the event of HDP 2.2 two examples using the technical preview version of HDP were added to this repository:

The naming convention for each environment is as follows:


The environments can be run and setup with the one simple command:

vagrant up && ./

As a requirement VirtualBox and Vagrant need to be installed.

The master_blueprint.json contains possible Ambari blueprint components and configurations.

Examples at Github:



3 thoughts on “Collection of HDP Vagrant Scripts

    1. Wow, structor seems like a awesome project and it’s already including what I am currently struggling with: automated security. Thank you very much for leaving this comment here.

      I need to get familiar with structor before I can answer your question. What is it you’re trying to achieve?


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