10 Resources About Storm

The event processing framework Apache Storm is the preferred approach for real-time Big Data. In use at large companies around the world it proofs it’s maturity every day at scale. This post collects some of the resources helpful in understanding what Storm is and contains also some sources that highlight the special relationship Kafka enjoys.

  1. Storm: Distributed and Fault-Tolerant Real-time Computation
  2. Evaluating persistent, replicated message queues (updated w/ Kafka)
  3. Apache storm vs. Spark Streaming
  4. Storm and Spark at Yahoo: Why Chose One Over the Other
  5. Common Topology Patterns
  6. Trident Tutorial
  7. Trident-ML
  8. Storm-R
  9. Storm-Pattern
  10. ZooKeeper Curator Client & Hint
  11. Hortonworks Storm as part of HDP

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