Discover HDP 2.2 Webinar Series

With HDP 2.2 on the verge of existence it is a good idea to begin a deep-dive into the new features in Hadoop with this Webinar series:

  • Discover HDP 2.2: Data Storage Innovations in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

    (Replay / Slides)

  • Discover HDP 2.2: Learn What’s New in YARN: Reliability, Scheduling and Isolation

    (Register Now – Thursday, November 20, 2014)

  • Discover HDP 2.2: Apache Storm and Apache Kafka for Stream Data Processing

    (Replay / Slides)

  • Discover HDP 2.2: Apache HBase with YARN and Slider for Fast, NoSQL Data Access


  • Discover HDP 2.2: Using Apache Ambari to Manage Hadoop Clusters


  • Discover HDP 2.2: Apache Falcon for Hadoop Data Governance

    (Replay / Slides)

  • Discover HDP 2.2: Even Faster SQL Queries with Apache Hive and

    (Replay / Slides)

  • Discover HDP 2.2: Comprehensive Hadoop Security with Apache Ranger and Apache Knox

    (Replay / Slides)


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