10 Resources to Become Reactive

Today I signed the Reactive Manifesto, which is prominently backed by developers from companies like Netflix, Typesafe, Twitter, or Oracle. It is my strong believe that the ever growing size of data processing needs a coherent approach towards event driven architectures to meet today’s demands.

In the same area I see projects like Kafka around which recently a new spinoff out of LinkedIN was announced, Confluent. I also count Spark, backed by Databricks and currently seeing a lot of attention, as an example of a new generation of reactive applications.

This are some of the resources that got my attention:

  1. Reactive Manifesto
  2. Reactive Streams
  3. Advanced Reactive Programming with Akka and Scala
  4. Introducing Actors Akka Notes Part 1
  5. Clustering reactmq with Akka Cluster
  6. Replacing ZeroMQ with RTI Context DDS in an Actor Based System
  7. Evaluating Persistent Replicated Message Queues
  8. Reactive Queue with Akka Reactive Streams
  9. Making the Reactive Queue Durable with Akka Persistence
  10. Scala and the Akka Event Bus

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