My Agenda for Hadoop Summit 2015 in Brussels

Next week starts Hadoop Summit 2015 in Brussels. A week packed full of interesting talks additionally aligned with diverse community events to connect with amazing people from the field it makes up a fun Hadoop event ahead. The “Birds of Feahter Sessions” and the “Hadoop Crash Course” are great opportunities for beginners.

Birds of Feather Sessions (April, 16th – 17:30):

The Summit will be peppered with great speakers like Owen O’Malley and Ted Dunning who is even giving two talks at the same day.


Personally I am looking forward to this two keynotes:

  1. Unlocking Hadoop’s Potential, Arun Murthy
  2. Leveraging Hadoop for Large Scale Machine Learning, Peter Cnudde

I am hoping for Arun to shed some light on the way YARN has shaped today’s Hadoop and the way it is going to shape it moving forward. Form the second keynote I am hoping to gain some insights in the common issues of running ML at a large scale.

Day 0 – April, 14

I’ll certainly try to find my way to the Datascience and Hadoop meetup for Casey Stella’s talk of Word2Vec implementation in Spark.

Day 1 – April, 15

  • 12.40 : Design Patterns for Real Time, Sheetal Dolas
    Sheetal in this talk will probably share his experience from several data streaming projects he worked on like the Cisco OpenSOC project.
  • 13.35 : Hadoop Security Features that Make Your Risk Officer Happy, Anurag Shrivastava
    Making a the risk officer happy about a Hadoop project in a banking environment sure sounds like a solid skill set to possess.
  • 14.30 : Apache Tez – Present and Future, Zhang & Balamohan
    The present of Tez to me is as much as an excitement as it’s future.
  • 15.45 : Using PageRank for Fraud Detection in Healthcare Data, Mendelevitch & Seo
    As some already proclaim the last two decades as the renaissance of Bayesian inference it’s sure great to learn more about it.
  • 16.40 : Protecting Enterprise Data in Hadoop, Owen O’Malley
    O’Malley lead the work of the initial security design white paper back in 2009.
  • 17.35 : Data Governance Initiative, Ahn & Venkatesh
    Data governance is a hot topic with Enterprise Hadoop. Learning more about the current status of the Data Governance Initiative will be useful.

Day 2 – April, 16

  • 11.45 : Beyond the Tweeting Toaser, Taylor Goetz
    The author of Storm Blueprints will share some of his thoughts seems like a great opportunity to me.
  • 12.40 : Apache Kylin, Ted Dunning
    Kylin to me looks as promising as Spark just without the hype. Very curious about Ted’s 2 cent on that project.
  • 14.40 : IPython Notebook as a Unified Data Science Interface for Hadoop, Casey Stella
    Interfaces like the IPython Notebook and Apache Zeppelin will most likely shape the way we interact with Big Data.
  • 15.35 : How (IoT) Things are Turning the Internet Upside Down, Ted Dunning
    IoT Buzz vs. Ted Dunning. Not sure what is going to happen, but it sure wont be a waste of time.
  • 16.30 : Security Needs in Hadoop’s Current and Future, Ganesan & Durai
    The future is what I would be most interested in this talk.

Hope to see you at the #hadoopsummit2015!

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